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Business Law Basics – Legal Business Advice 101

Business Law BasicIn this article we are going to outline all of the business law basics that anyone looking to start or grow their business should know. We did this for 1 reason and 1 reason only and that was to give information to small business owners, what they should and shouldn’t be doing from a legal point of view. Although difficult to understand, once set-up your legal contracts or knowledge should work for you and not against you! So let’s get to it, below are 5 basics that all small business owners need to know.

Another video embedded below, this goes more in-depth into the contracts associated with business law.

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We had a client named¬†HQ SEO who had no experience in the legal markets. They had relatively successful business but no idea what legal advice they even needed. Luckily we linked them to this article and as a result all legal issues were fixed inside a month! If you know the basics you can work out exactly what your business needs and what you actually need to do today, and what can wait or simply is not relevant to a business. Don’t let a lawyer scare you into paying ¬£10,000 for some basic legal advice!

What’s the Difference Between a Solicitor and Lawyer?

So this is a question we get asked WAY too often, and something that frustrates us for a number of reasons, mainly because lawyers and solicitors, whether you are a divorce one or a business one, they are the same thing! The only difference is usually where you first either heard the term or where you live.

For example the majority of people in America and Canada will use the term “lawyer” as a broad saying to denote “someone providing legal advice” and inside of this you can have individuals who specilise in each of the niches. For example of course you have divorce lawyers, business lawyers, criminal defence and so on.

Solicitors on the other hand is the European way of saying the same thing. And again you can have specific types of these, so for example a divorce solicitor is the exact same thing as a divorce lawyer!!! No difference people!

The confusion comes usually when a city in the US and in the UK has the same name but is obviously thousands of miles away from each other. This was seen with our client, whose a divorce solicitor in Salisbury UK. When they started to actually get traffic from people in the US searching for the term in the state of Maryland! It’s annoying as the legal systems are very different and hence the legal services provided are obviously going to differ too.

Although we are going to give you a quick PRO TIP now so you can avoid this once and for all.

All you need to do whenever you are writing an article about a city that might have a common name (and hence multiple locations around the world) is to embed a Google map in your website, article, press release or whatever it might be. This helps Google and the other search engines know that its not the other versions it’s the one you are talking about!

For example: Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Problem solved.

Thanks for reading.

4 Factors To Consider On How To Choose The Best Family Law Attorney

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Lawyers are very important when one is in troubled about the correct procedure to follow about the law. This is because of their ability to deal with legal issues within easy and in the right way that is required by the law. They also vary when it comes to different parts of the law within their practice that allows specific lawyers to represent specific issues when it comes to law affecting that part. The following are the factors to consider on how to choose best Family Law Attorneys.

  1. Cost.

The amount of money that the lawyer will charge you is very important. This is because of the level of services that they will provide to you Some of them charge a lot of money but they provide poor services, which is important for one to know. At times most of the well-established and well known lawyers charge more while they provide poor representation service while sometimes some of them are not well known and have a lot of experience and skills and they charge less. This is the reason why it is important to choose a lawyer with a lot of care.

  1. Credentials.

This is another important factor to be considered with a lot of care. This is helpful in determining the professional competence and appropriateness of you case representation. It is also important in determining the lawyer’s ability to participate actively in the personal duty.

  1. Location.

The distance between you and your lawyer is very important. This is because one will be comfortable when it comes to being able to meet with the lawyer without any difficulty. This is helpful in saving transport cost for travelling to look for the lawyer and the time wasted when travelling which would have been used to do other things. It is also important since the lawyer can be able to attend to other clients who have the same issues and they need to be addressed by the lawyer.

  1. Personal compatibility.

Comfort ability is one of the most important things between you and your lawyer. This is because it helps to prevent issues that are likely to arise when you are not in good terms with the lawyer. When you are to one another with your lawyer, you will be able to express your issues freely without fear, which is helpful in making the lawyer to understand your problems well

These are the four important factors to consider on how to choose best Family Law Attorneys.

Adoption laws


Adoptions law are thy statutory requirements set by the state to make sure the adoption process is procedural as per the state. Child adoption laws are guided by Federal laws, Additional Laws, State laws and International laws.

Federal Laws Federal laws that guide the adoptions law are further divided into adoptions laws Acts, including multi ethnic act, omnibus act, family and medical leave act and adoptions assistant act.

The Multi-ethnic act was set up to decrease the time in which children under Foster care await to be adopted and prevent any discrimination in adoption process. Adoption assistant Act aim is to ensure state makes payment to adoption assistants. Omnibus acts guarantees the adopted children equal rights to access medical insurance coverage as birth children. Family and medical Leave Act ensures that unpaid leave is guaranteed to employers for 12weeks when they adopt or provide foster care for a child.

State Laws Child adoptions laws varies from state to state with the foster family each given different adoptions law to follow before they adopt a child. Different states have different legal standards and procedures when it comes to the process of adopting a child The circumstances in which a child is be adopted varies depending on what the adoptions laws stipulates. State laws ensure that the procedures and the standards of adoption within the states are followed to avoid any illegal adoption exercise by the adoption agencies.

Additional Laws Adoptions laws are also borrowed from Acts in different countries. This Acts are the Indian Child Welfare Act and The Interstate Compact Act. The Interstate Compact Act aim is to cover adoption of children whose parents are not form the same state. The Indian Child welfare protects the Native American Indian child interest when placing them into foster families. This act ensures that the Native American Indian child welfare is protected and thus prevent their abduction to other countries.

International Laws The adoptions laws bases its principals on international laws governing all countries. This laws are the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption Act that ensures there is standards in adoption of a child from one country to another and The Inter-country Adoptions laws that ensures adoption of children from USA to other countries meets correct standards The inter-country adoption law ensures that the procedures prevent the abduction of children and also makes sure that the welfare of the child in the receiving country is very well protected.